Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Photo 52 Catch Up

Week 11 - Reshoot of Delicate

After one of the four 'Reshoot' cards was pulled out, I decided to reshoot the theme 'Delicate' from Week 7.

Photo 52 - Week 11 Reshoot of Delicate

Week 11 - Knowledge

The new Mossley Hollins High School building in Mossley made an ideal building to try out some tilt shift photography on, using blur to make a life sized object appear miniature. Reminds me of trips to model villages as a kid.

Mossley Hollins High School - Tilt Shift

Week 12 - Moderation

Mini victoria sponge

Photo 52 - Week 12 - Moderation

Week 13 - Empty

This is the Horse and Jockey pub on the A62 in Saddleworth. Although we didn't live in the area when it was open, we've always imagined this to be a thriving pub in the summer months. With the weather like it has been the past couple of weekends it would surely have been rammed with bikers, families, ramblers, and locals, but here it stands... empty.

Photo 52 - Week 13 - Empty

Week 14 - Object(ion)

The Toastmaster's Gavel from Nik & Stef's wedding.

Photo 52 - Week 14 - Object(ion)

Week 15 - Wrong

Photo 52 - Week 15 - Wrong

Week 16 - Reshoot of Empty

Photo 52 - Week 16 - Reshoot of Empty

Week 16 - Paradox

The paradox imagines that Sleeping Beauty volunteers to undergo the following experiment. On Sunday she is given a drug that sends her to sleep. A fair coin is then tossed just once in the course of the experiment to determine which experimental procedure is undertaken. If the coin comes up heads, Sleeping Beauty is awakened and interviewed on Monday, and then the experiment ends. If the coin comes up tails, she is awakened and interviewed on Monday, given a second dose of the sleeping drug, and awakened and interviewed again on Tuesday. The experiment then ends on Tuesday, without flipping the coin again. The sleeping drug induces a mild amnesia, so that she cannot remember any previous awakenings during the course of the experiment (if any). During the experiment, she has no access to anything that would give a clue as to the day of the week. However, she knows all the details of the experiment.

Each interview consists of one question, "What is your credence now for the proposition that our coin landed heads?"

This problem has produced ongoing debate as the answer is either 1/3 or 1/2, depending on which way you work it out.

Photo 52 - Week 16 - Paradox (The Sleeping Beauty Paradox)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Nik & Stef's Wedding

A great wedding and a great couple...






















The rest of my photos from Nik and Stef's wedding can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mvsphotography/sets/72157626366067137/